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    Welcome to Courtroom Sciences, Inc., a provider of Atlanta litigation consulting for the last 25 years. Serving a diverse clientele in a variety of ways, our team is confident that we can give you the edge needed to come out successful in many different areas of litigation.

    Rooted in knowledge and experience, our litigation consulting in Atlanta GA helps you prepare for cases more efficiently than you ever thought possible. This is done via such services as:

    • Witness training
    • Jury consulting
    • Case management
    • Records retrieval
    • Court reporting
    • Trial AV support
    • Many other crucial services


    Why turn to an Atlanta litigation consultant?

    Due to the exhausting and precise nature of the legal world, you can never have enough outside feedback. This is even truer when that feedback comes from qualified professionals with decade’s worth of combined experience.

    Courtroom Sciences offers Atlanta litigation consulting that stems from years and years inside courtrooms and extensive studies throughout the process. While lawyers have been busy trying their cases, we have been busy collecting reliable data that reveals telling trends that otherwise may have gone unnoticed.


    Working with an Atlanta trial consultant

    We have done the legwork, and now it is time to put it to use for you. It’s one thing to have the knowledge and data, but it’s another thing to put it into action for the betterment of your legal effort.

    Through our litigation consulting in Atlanta GA, we put this intelligence to work for you, allowing you to anticipate such factors as how jurors will react to your arguments, evidence and even witnesses.

    Join Courtroom Sciences, just the way that a long list of other legal professionals have, to take advantage of our Atlanta litigation consulting. Our representatives are standing by to speak with you about your needs.

    Positive Outcomes are No Accident

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