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    If your legal team needs more hands to the lighten the load, turn to Courtroom Sciences and our Atlanta litigation support services. We know that lawyers and paralegals can often carry immense caseloads, leaving them overworked and running the risk of missing key details in crucial proceedings.

    Our litigation support in Atlanta GA is administered by experienced legal professionals that will ensure all these tasks are not only covered, but executed to yield only the best results.

    Atlanta litigation support services

    Litigation often moves at a brisk pace and, many times, there doesn’t seem like there are enough hours in the week to address all the crucial tasks. Courtroom Services offers support in various formats.

    • Court reporting
    • Trial AV support
    • Deposition AV support
    • Records retrieval

    While these steps are indeed paramount to success in a case, lawyers need to focus on more big picture things and developing strong arguments and themes to win a case.


    Utilize one of our Atlanta litigation consultants

    In addition to this “legwork,” Courtroom Sciences staffs some of the leading minds in the legal profession, ready to lend their wisdom to your case. When you need a credible, outside opinion, turn to our team for such services as:

    • Jury consultation
    • Mock trials
    • Witness evaluations
    • Focus groups

    An Atlanta GA litigation consultant from our staff will provide valuable insights and information that you can use to mold the focus of your case. This information can help you adequately prepare and remove all the “wild cards” that are known to crop up during court proceedings. In fact, this is a very proactive approach to your case.

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