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    Are you looking for Chicago court reporters who emphasize accuracy and accessibility? If not, then you should focus your energy on finding professionals that specialize in these areas. Their impact on your case can be profound.

    For 25 successful years, Courtroom Sciences has been connecting court reporters in Chicago IL with the litigators that require their services. The network of professionals on our team carry significant knowledge and experience and bring a lot to your team.

    Making important reports accessible

    As a busy legal professional, you need to rely on a support staff that harnesses the power of technology. This not only cuts your costs, but also keeps every member of your legal team on the same page.

    Courtroom Sciences offers a Chicago Realtime deposition reporter who can provide live transcripts as the deposition is conducted. Individuals from all over the world can tap into this resource to stay in the loop.

    Our Chicago IL Realtime depositions help with scheduling, so that you can focus on your case.


    While this might be a foregone conclusion, it cannot be stressed enough: accuracy is paramount. Our Chicago court reporters are not only rigorously trained, but they have also logged years on the job. This experience has led to air-tight methods that lead to the precise accuracy required.

    For the top court reporters in Chicago IL, turn to Courtroom Sciences, where we have spent the last 25 years working with legal professionals, lending them the important tools they need to prepare for litigation, and stay organized during the process. Our track record and strong list of referrals speaks for itself.

    Chicago court reporters are not something you want to track down in the Yellowpages or through an Internet search. Rely on the professionals with the experience and knowledge to truly give you an upper hand during litigation. Count on Courtroom Sciences.

    Positive Outcomes are No Accident

    Involve CSI Today.

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