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    Are you considering hiring a courtroom reporter Dallas to assist you in the litigation process? Courtroom Sciences delivers comprehensive litigation support services for all types of clients including Fortune 500 companies, law firms, insurance agencies and individuals. We pride ourselves on our seasoned experts and full range of support services that allow our clients to go through the litigation process seamlessly.

    Why Digital Court Reporting is Lacking

    There has been some talk about the use of technology for court reporting services, and some clients have used the technology for themselves. While these advancements can be attractive in certain fields, they lack when it comes to the litigation process. You don’t get the same personal touch as you do with a real courtroom reporter Dallas, and it can take weeks to prepare a draft of the transcript.

    Plus, court reporters are able to understand the layers of conversation that go on in the courtroom, ensuring that the dialogue is matched to the right person. If there are multiple people talking at once, the court reporter can ask them to slow down and let each person take their turn.

    Benefits of Hiring a Seasoned Court Reporter

    Let’s take a closer look at some of the main reasons why you may want to hire a court reporter for your circumstances.

    • High accuracy
    • Timely draft transcripts
    • Training and experience
    • Dialogue management
    • Personal touch
    • Real-time reporting

    To make our services most efficient, Courtroom Sciences provides an online repository called CSINet. Here, you can access your transcripts, exhibits and legal video in a variety of formats. You may also search for important information such as witness statements, pending dispositions and other scheduling requests.

    Clients return to Courtroom Sciences because of our seasoned courtroom reporters Dallas, our 25+ years of experience and our comprehensive services that pertain to all clients, from large corporations to single individuals. To learn more about utilizing our court reporting services, please contact us today. We are prepared to help you.

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