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    If you need to hire a seasoned courtroom reporter Fort Lauderdale, prepared to have your expectations exceeded by Courtroom Sciences. Our company provides comprehensive litigation support services to a wide range of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, law firms, insurance agencies and individuals. We have been providing our services for 25 years, and we plan on continuing them while being mindful of the latest trends, technologies and privacy regulations.

    Benefits to Hiring a Court Reporter

    Though we are in a digital age, there are some instances where the real person is the better solution. When it comes to court reporting, the presence of a person is invaluable. Digital reporters have their limitations. Not only can the software be unpredictable and unreliable, but also it can take weeks to get your hands on a simple draft of the transcript. Imagine all the talking that goes on as well. How can technology account for these voices in the correct context, and leading back to the right person?

    By hiring a courtroom reporter Fort Lauderdale from Courtroom Sciences, you have the peace of mind that all written records of legal proceedings will be accurately recorded.

    • High accuracy rates
    • Top notch service
    • High quality staff
    • Court reporters carry extensive training
    • Expedited services by request
    • HIPAA compliant online repository
    • Real-time translations

    Seamless Experience

    Not to mention, there is a sense of trust when it comes to hiring a real person for court reporting services. The same person who takes down the notes is the same person who will be preparing your transcript. With digital solutions, the audio is sent to a third party, sometimes overseas. This person wasn’t in the room with you and can only follow what’s provided on the audio, which may be limiting.

    When it comes to winning your case, the best thing you can do is hire a trained and experienced courtroom reporter Fort Lauderdale. Contact Courtroom Sciences today to learn more about our deposition services that include legal videography, document management and records retrieval.

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