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    If you are preparing for a case, it’s critical that you hire an experienced court reporter Houston that will take care of the written records of legal proceedings. Hiring the wrong court report can have negative consequences, but having the right court reporter will help you stay organized, on track and in control of the litigation process. There are many court reporting services out there, but Courtroom Sciences IS America’s premier full-service litigation support company.

    Who We Are

    Courtroom Sciences works with a wide range of clients including Fortune 500 companies, insurance agencies, law firms and individuals. Clients hire us because of our seasoned professionals, knowledge of the litigation process and comprehensive services that include deposition services, records retrieval and trial and settlement sciences.

    We also take the relationships we have with clients very seriously. Not only do we do everything in our power to nurture these relationships through good customer service, but also we stay on top of the latest trends involving privacy laws and regulations.

    Benefits to Hiring a Court Reporter

    The benefits to hiring a courtroom reporter Houston as opposed to using digital solutions are:

    • High accuracy rates
    • Management of dialogue
    • Quick turnaround times
    • Real-time translations
    • Extensive training and experience
    • HIPAA compliant online repository

    Personal Touch

    The personal touch that is gained with a court reporter is invaluable in the litigation setting. Court reporters understand the layers of dialogue that exist and assign the speech to the right individuals. Additionally, court reporters are trained at scanning notes and identifying key parts of a conversation, allowing them to read back specific areas of dialogue. This is much harder to do with digital technology.

    HIPAA Compliant Online Repository

    By hiring Courtroom Sciences, you get a full range of litigation support services that include litigation psychology, presentation technology, records retrieval and online jury research. Clients are also granted access to our online repository called CSINet. This repository follows HIPAA compliant guidelines and provides access to all transcripts, legal video and exhibits in multiple formats. You may also search for certain text and review pending depositions.

    It’s not a mystery why Courtroom Sciences continues to be a top choice for litigation support services. Contact us today to learn more about hiring a courtroom reporter Houston for your next case.

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