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    For over two decades, Courtroom Sciences has been providing comprehensive litigation support services to a wide range of clients, including Fortune 500 Companies, insurance companies, law firms and individuals. Our Dallas court reporters are highly utilized because of their experience, attention to detail and top notch service. They keep detailed records of legal proceedings and stand ready to assist you in the courtroom.

    Benefits to Hiring a Court Reporter

    There are several benefits to using a Dallas court reporter from Courtroom Sciences, the majority of which relate to cost-effectiveness and efficiency. When you hire a seasoned court reporter, you can expect the following:

    • High-quality transcription, court reporting and video recording services
    • Easily accessible and retrievable documents
    • Familiar with the latest technology
    • Real-time translations
    • Quick turnaround times
    • High accuracy rates
    • State certified

    Other Services

    In addition to providing high-quality court reporting services, Courtroom Sciences also provides other litigation support services to assist you through all phases of the litigation process. For instance, hiring a court reporter is an excellent way to get detailed records of legal proceedings, but you may struggle in other areas to stay organized. A Case Manager will be assigned to your case, serving as a primary contact for all deposition services. We also provide videography services, records retrieval and litigation psychology.

    Background and Experience Matter

    When it comes to choosing a court reporter for your legal proceedings, be aware that not all court reporters are the same. Additionally, if you’re considering relying on technology rather than a real person, keep in mind that technology has its limitations.

    An experienced, professional court reporter, on the other hand, brings a certain level of knowledge and accuracy that others can’t offer. A Dallas court reporter from Courtroom Sciences will be able to distinguish the layers of conversation going on in the courtroom, and they go through extensive training that includes studying medical and legal terminology. Knowing that the words are accurate, with the job assigned to the right people, gives you invaluable peace of mind.  

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