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    Often, the legal counsel with the best Dallas litigation consulting team is the one who wins. Courtroom Sciences has specialized in litigation consulting in Dallas TX for over 25 years. We know how to do what it takes to make sure your team is fully prepared to take over the courtroom.

    We understand each case has its own unique challenges and needs, and we therefore can do as much, or as little, as you require.


    Some of our services

    • Witness training: This can be as basic or as in depth as your time and resources allow. Enlisting Courtroom Sciences as your professional Dallas litigation consultant to train your witnesses will free you to focus on other important aspects of your case. Witness training can take a great deal of time, depending on how well they respond to counseling, and this is often time that a one- or two-attorney team simply cannot spare.
    • Mock trials: These are especially helpful in conjunction with our witness training. Along with helping your witnesses, this form of Dallas litigation consulting can help you understand exactly how your case is likely to be received by 12 strangers in a court setting. Unlike the real thing, you will be able to receive feedback from jurors and make corrections before it counts.
    • Case management: Cases involving corporations or large malpractice suits often require many scheduled meetings. This can be too much to keep straight. Case management is one of the services we offer as your Dallas trial consultant. This frees you to focus on important details without stressing about the minor ones.

    Litigation consulting in Dallas TX isn’t just what we do — it’s who we are.

    At Courtroom Sciences, we are passionate about the attorneys and clients we help on a daily basis. Learn more about our many Dallas litigation consulting options by contacting a representative from our staff.

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