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    Courtroom Sciences is comprised of a team of legal professionals who offer unparalleled Dallas litigation support. Don’t let you or your legal team become overwhelmed by heavy caseloads and a seemingly endless number of details to cover.

    With litigation support in Dallas TX by Courtroom Sciences, you know the nitty gritty details and logistics are not just covered, but will be executed to perfection. These small details are the things that win and lose cases — you simply cannot leave them up to chance.


    Boasting over 25 years of experience

    If you question — even for a minute — whether Courtroom Sciences will be a valuable asset for your legal team, all you have to do is look at our reputation, which was built over 25 years of faithfully serving you clients.

    From our Dallas litigation consultants who will provide valuable feedback on things like witnesses, juries and your arguments, to audio and visual technicians to help command the technology of your courtroom, we only employ professionals who have a passion for serving our clients.


    Saving time with Dallas litigation support

    You don’t have an infinite number of hours during the week to work with, but you certainly don’t want to cut corners. With litigation support in Dallas TX from Courtroom Sciences, you will be able to delegate important tasks so you can worry about the bigger picture.

    Or, when you need to know what equally as qualified legal professionals think about your approach to your case, we have a Dallas TX litigation consultant that would be happy to devote their time and experience to help you fine tune your approach.

    Take the burden off of your shoulders and the rest of your team by enlisting Dallas litigation support by Courtroom Sciences. We will work hard ensure your case goes smoothly and successfully.

    Positive Outcomes are No Accident

    Involve CSI Today.

    CSI 25th Anniversary

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