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    When you are facing an important deposition, the last thing you want to worry about is the quality of your Fort Lauderdale court reporting services. Choosing Courtroom Sciences, Inc., helps you rest assured that your deposition will be accurately recorded — from the first rough draft down to the final transcript.

    No other area provider of court reporting services in Fort Lauderdale FL has access to the same quality technology and operators that are guaranteed by your Courtroom Sciences litigation consultant.


    Why accuracy matters

    In a civil litigation situation, it is critical to enlist only the best Fort Lauderdale court reporting services. You want your deposition to be accurately captured so that the information you provide can be referenced later in the civil case. When you choose CSI’s court reporting services in Fort Lauderdale FL, you are selecting the most reliable, tech-savvy deposition professionals in the business.

    • Our Fort Lauderdale FL courtroom reporters can help you schedule and track your depositions. CSI’s team books the facilities, provides videographers and manages depositions quickly and efficiently.
    • With our high-quality Fort Lauderdale court reporting, you can have access to your deposition information in record speed. Furthermore, enjoy the luxury of being able to access your testimony almost immediately thanks to the use of Realtime recording software.
    • The innovative technology of Realtime is also advantageous because it allows attorneys to be patched in directly to their clients during a deposition, allowing for instant feedback from remote locations.


    The key to thorough preparation

    Do not leave the decision about your Fort Lauderdale court reporting services up to chance. When you want the most reliable, most experienced and most trusted name in litigation consulting and court reporting, you need Courtroom Sciences. Let our full-service litigation support company help you through your deposition, no matter the nature of your civil case.

    Positive Outcomes are No Accident

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