Fort Lauderdale Deposition Trial AV Tech Technician Fort Lauderdale FL

    Making sure you find a Fort Lauderdale deposition AV tech with the right qualifications is important. Hiring an unreliable individual or firm to produce your deposition could potentially cost you your entire case.

    Courtroom Sciences specializes in all areas of litigation support and can provide you with a highly qualified Fort Lauderdale deposition AV technician to professionally complete all necessary tasks.

    Our capabilities

    With over 25 years of experience, our capabilities far exceed those of our competitors. Some of the services we offer when you hire us as your deposition AV tech in Fort Lauderdale FL include:

    • Professional production: The impression the deposition makes on a judge or jury is crucial to your case. A recording that does not look professional can give the impression of untrustworthiness. Your Fort Lauderdale deposition AV tech will use professional lighting and backdrops as well as high quality camera work to make sure that your witness is portrayed in the best possible light — literally and figuratively.
    • Graphics/animation: If a witness is explaining particularly technical information, your Fort Lauderdale deposition AV technician can include graphics or animations to help the jury understand the testimony.

    Trial support

    Once you get to trial, we can support you, as well. Technology is only helpful if you are able to use it. If you hire one of our professionals to be your trial AV technician in Fort Lauderdale FL, he or she will:

    • Consult with your team throughout your court preparation process.
    • Create all necessary presentations.
    • Set up all technology for trial including Smartboards, PowerPoints, computers and more.
    • Make sure you understand how to use the technology in the event that your Fort Lauderdale trial AV tech is not required to, or cannot, be at trial.

    When you hire the best, you get what you pay for — and much more. To learn more about our Fort Lauderdale deposition AV tech and trial AV tech services, contact our knowledgeable staff.

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