Fort Lauderdale Jury Consulting Consultants In Fort Lauderdale FL

    The usefulness of a quality Fort Lauderdale jury consulting team can often go overlooked. In the chaos of trial preparation, counsel needs to remain focused on the looming process of jury selection. Courtroom Sciences uses accepted psychological research along with experience in order to be the best Fort Lauderdale jury consultants possible.

    Before court

    • Before you ever step foot in the courtroom, our jury consultants in Fort Lauderdale FL will be hard at work. They can poll the surrounding community to get a feel for the dominating opinion among the public. This will not only help you decide how to construct your approach during trial but may also uncover that a fair trial for your client is not possible due to overwhelming bias.

    Jury selection

    • An important task we offer as part of your Fort Lauderdale jury consulting team is assisting in jury selection. We will use peer reviewed psychological research along with experience to determine how some jurors may respond to your case. This will help ensure that your jury is as unbiased as possible.

    Trial preparation

    Once your jury is selected, we can assist you further with jury consulting in Fort Lauderdale FL by helping you construct your case. We will explain to you:

    • Which themes your jury will likely identify with
    • Evidence that may cause the most trouble
    • Which witnesses your jury may not respond well to
    • And much, much more.

    With the help of our professional Fort Lauderdale jury consultants, you will be able to confidently enter the courtroom knowing that the needs and attitudes of your jury have been accounted for.

    After trial

    After your trial is over, we can perform post-trial interviews with jurors in order to get information on what took place in the jury room. With the help of our Fort Lauderdale jury consulting team, you can better prepare for an appeal or future cases based on the information we uncover.

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