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    When preparing for a trial, hiring Fort Lauderdale litigation consulting professionals should be at the forefront of your “to-do” list. Courtroom Sciences has over 25 years of experience in litigation consulting in Fort Lauderdale FL. We have a long list of services to offer, and we can help as much, or as little, as you choose.

    The picture of preparation

    There is nothing worse than showing up to court feeling unprepared. Perhaps you spent as much time as you could with your witnesses, client, and poring over evidence, but you still feel like you are behind in the game.

    When you choose Courtroom Sciences for help, we can be your total Fort Lauderdale trial consultant. We will squash any feelings of inadequacy by making sure you have out-prepared the opposing counsel.


    How we do it:

    • Community surveys: By polling the surrounding community, our Fort Lauderdale litigation consulting team can test the waters concerning the public view of your case. This information can be crucial to keep in mind as you prepare for your case and consider whether holding the trial in its current jurisdiction is fair.
    • Jury consulting: We use proven litigation psychology to determine patterns of behavior that will help you choose the best jurors or present to the jurors you are stuck with.
    • Mock trials: As your Fort Lauderdale litigation consultant, we perform the most realistic mock trials available. These help your client, witnesses and team better prepare for the real courtroom experience. You will more accurately be able to account for holes in your case through unbiased individuals.
    • Jury interviews: After your case is over, we can perform post-trial jury interviews as an option for our litigation consulting in Fort Lauderdale FL. This can be an invaluable look into the jury room to help better prepare for appeals or future cases.

    In addition to providing individualized services, our Fort Lauderdale litigation consulting professionals can oversee your entire case by providing case management services. This is extremely helpful in complex cases involving many individuals. To learn more, give us a call or send us an e-mail.

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