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    If you are involved in a civil litigation suit, it is critical that you choose the most reliable source for your Fort Lauderdale medical record retrieval services. Courtroom Sciences, Inc., is the most trusted provider of quick, accurate medical records information for civil litigation clients throughout Florida.

    Our company makes medical record retrieval in Fort Lauderdale FL simple, fast and secure.


    Comprehensive services for your subpoena needs

    Attorneys and legal staff often need access to medical records and other information sources at off hours. That is why our website offers round-the-clock Fort Lauderdale medical record retrieval. With the click of a mouse, you can obtain medical records that comply with even the most stringent HIPAA regulations.

    • Courtroom Sciences’ experts know how to navigate the Florida civil rules and procedures to provide you with the information you need, when you need it. Our medical record retrieval in Fort Lauderdale FL is so reliable because we have access to a massive online repository known as CSINet.
    • As soon as you make your request, our computer systems fly into action, keeping you posted on the status of your records order from the moment it is placed. No other provider of record retrieval in Fort Lauderdale FL can offer the same level of detail and customer service!

    Our system for Fort Lauderdale nationwide document retrieval allows clients to view, print and save the necessary information they require to build a solid civil case. Online access makes these documents available on demand any time of the day or night.

    Further, Courtroom Sciences offers record retrieval services for both insurance claims and in-house legal groups. We make it easy to get your records by managing custodial fees and preparing the appropriate paperwork. Take your mind off of the little stuff — and focus on the important aspects of your case — by using Courtroom Sciences for your Fort Lauderdale medical record retrieval needs.

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