Fort Lauderdale Trial Witness Preparation Training In Fort Lauderdale FL

    When it comes to legal cases in Fort Lauderdale trial witness preparation is essential. Courtroom Sciences understands the importance and fundamentals of proper Fort Lauderdale trial witness training and can assist you as you prepare for court. Learn what makes us rise above the competition.

    Witness psychology

    Effective trial witness training in Fort Lauderdale FL goes beyond simply asking the witness some expected questions in a private room. By understanding the psychology of the witness, counsel can better prepare for, and prevent, disastrous witness testimony. As part of our process, we will:

    • Explain the witness’ job: Many witnesses believe it is their job to “win” the case. Therefore, part of our Fort Lauderdale trial witness preparation is to explain to each witness how their testimony fits into the overall story and what it does to support the case.
    • Explain importance of truth: When witnesses falsely believe they must win the case and lose focus of the bigger picture, the truth can become masked or obscured. They get defensive with opposing counsel, and jurors feel that an otherwise trustworthy individual cannot be believed. By explaining where the witness’ testimony fits in the case, and how their bit of truth will help tell the overall story, our experts in witness preparation in Fort Lauderdale FL will more effectively prevent any witness blunders in court.
    • Practice, practice, practice: Our proven method of Fort Lauderdale trial witness training involves practicing with the witness first in a comfortable space where “do-overs” are allowed. Then, we take away the “do-over” option to make a slightly more realistic atmosphere. Finally, we move to a mock trial in which the witness is questioned by a colleague with whom they are unfamiliar with in front of a jury full of strangers. This creates an atmosphere as near to a real courtroom as possible to force any possible issues to rise to the surface.

    Every attorney recognizes the importance of preparation, but performing your own Fort Lauderdale trial witness preparation effectively is not always an option with limited time and resources. Let us help. Contact our office today to learn more.

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