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    Your choice in Houston court reporters matters more than you think. Can you imagine asking to review an important bit of testimony, only to discover that it had not been properly recorded?

    The impact on your civil case could be disastrous. Instead of worrying about mountains being made out of molehills, why not consider Courtroom Sciences, Inc., as the top source for your court reporters in Houston TX?

    Our skilled, qualified and personable courtroom technicians can help you accurately capture the critical information that is presented at trial, a deposition and a variety of other legal venues. Do not leave your courtroom success to chance; instead, enlist one of Courtroom Sciences’ court reporters in Houston TX.

    Gaining the technological edge with our Houston court reporters

    Courtroom Sciences offers state-of-the-art court reporting software, along with a Houston Realtime deposition reporter to manage the information. Realtime reporting is one of the most cutting-edge innovations in the courtroom today. Using seminal software, this technology allows litigants to gain a leg up on opposing counsel by providing real-time access to depositions, even for attorneys who cannot be physically present.

    By choosing Courtroom Sciences to manage your Houston TX Realtime depositions, you are opening the door to a new, exciting communications technology. Imagine being able to securely broadcast the deposition to every member of your legal team, including paralegals and even the clients themselves. You can get instant feedback from anyone in your group, which can allow you to shape the deposition, even if the entire legal team cannot actually be at the hearing.

    Courtroom Sciences’ Houston court reporters are fully trained in operating Realtime systems using high-speed Internet and a standard web browser. Indeed, our qualified court reporters can make a significant difference in the quality of information you obtain during your civil legal proceedings. Contact us today to learn more about the Realtime difference!

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