Houston Deposition Trial AV Tech Technician Houston TX

    Hiring the right Houston deposition AV tech can really make a difference in the outcome of your deposition proceedings. Courtroom Sciences understands how the portrayal of your witness on film can affect the jury perception of him or her.

    As your Houston deposition AV technician, we will eliminate any outside factors that could hinder your witness’ portrayal to the jury.

    Professional production

    It is important to make sure your produce a clear, professional looking video. As your deposition AV tech in Houston TX, we will provide you with:

    • Visual: Poor lighting can create shadows and an atmosphere unfavorable to your witness. As your Houston deposition AV tech, we will provide high quality lighting, a clean backdrop and smooth camera work to eliminate anything that could distract from your witness.
    • Sound: Clarity in sound is crucial. If the jury has to strain to understand your witness, or misses words altogether, the message may get lost in translation. As your Houston deposition AV technician, we will provide professional quality sound, and can even add subtitles when necessary so that the witness’ deposition only serves to strengthen, rather than hinder, your case.
    • In court: Technology is only useful if you’re able to operate it. As your trial AV technician in Houston TX, we can make sure that all of your technology is set up in the courtroom and that you actually know how to use it. This will create for a smoother case and show that you are a prepared professional in the eyes of the jury.

    Our team has the ability to help wherever you need us. Whether you just need a Houston trial AV tech to make sure that the technology in the courtroom runs smoothly, or whether you need a professional Houston deposition AV tech to record your depositions, we are here to help. Contact our corporate offices to find out how we can assist you.

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