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    Perhaps one of the most crucial services we offer at Courtroom Sciences is our Houston jury consulting. We have learned over the years that knowing what to expect from a jury is more than just guesswork. When you hire our Houston jury consultants, you are relying on a team that has experience and knowledge of litigation psychology and demographic statistics to back up your strategy.

    Eliminating the unknowns

    There are a few unknowns you encounter when you walk into the courtroom. These include:

    • Witnesses and their reactions under stress
    • Jurors response to your evidence, witness testimony and your personality
    • Curveballs from the opposition

    The best way to eliminate these unknowns is through known research. As professional jury consultants in Houston TX, we specialize in predicting jury behavior. This goes much further than simply saying “Juror No. 1 is a male, therefore he must not like [fill in the blank].”

    We use proven, peer-reviewed research in psychology as well as statistical data to determine some possible biases your jury may have.

    Then what?

    As your Houston jury consulting firm, we will make recommendations as to how to structure your case. We make explain that certain language may turn off a particular juror, or that your witness’s mannerisms will read as untrustworthy to another juror. Additionally, we will help you determine how to structure your case based on what we know about your jury.


    Our jury consulting in Houston TX doesn’t have to end just because your case does. After your case is resolved, we can interview jurors to get an inside look into the jury room. We will find out what worked, what didn’t, and how accurate our recommendations were.

    This information can help when trying an appeal or when prosecuting/defending future cases. Our professional Houston jury consultants will get the information you need from the people who matter most — the jury.

    The fewer unknowns, the better. To learn more details about the services we offer in terms of Houston jury consulting, or trial preparation services in general, contact our office today.

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