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    In today’s legal world, having highly qualified Los Angeles court reporters can be crucial. Not only does Courtroom Sciences provide court reporters in Los Angeles CA, but we also extend to our clients a wide range of courtroom and deposition services.

    We understand the changing needs and challenges of the courtroom and litigation and will help you tackle them head on.


    An evolving culture

    In the past, scheduling depositions required that a witness be available in the room with your legal counsel — an issue changed by our Los Angeles court reporters. Complex cases involving witnesses around the world were often lost due to the inability to have the witness’ sworn testimony.

    Now, new technology is making it easier to eliminate distance and boost the credibility of your case.


    Benefits of our Los Angeles CA Realtime depositions:

    • Less travel expense: Sending only one of your team members to a location, or finding colleagues in the area, allows for you to drastically reduce, or even eliminate, travel expenses.
    • Full team access: Remote live streaming of depositions allows for your entire team to review the deposition in real time.
    • More time: Only setting aside a small amount of time to sit with our Los Angeles Realtime deposition reporter frees up more time than meeting with your witness in person, setting up your recording, and completing the deposition. This frees you to focus on more pressing aspects of your case.

    Professionalism and preparation is the key to winning any case. Often, the team that prepares the most extensively wins. Whether you are looking to hire one of our highly qualified court reporters in Los Angeles CA, or you need more comprehensive assistance, we can help.

    • Manage your case: This includes scheduling depositions and preparing witnesses, among other things.
    • Perform jury consultations: We’ll help you understand the way your jury thinks by using proven psychological data.
    • Facilitate mock trials: The best way to test your case is to actually present it. We will facilitate a realistic mock trial so that you can fix any flaws prior to court.

    To learn more about our Los Angeles court reporters, or any other service, contact a representative as soon as possible.

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