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    Knowing what makes people tick is the cornerstone of effective Los Angeles jury consulting. This is a lot easier said than done, though. At Courtroom Sciences, we have made a specialty out of selecting and presenting arguments to your jury.

    Our Los Angeles jury consultants can provide useful ideas and tips that will help you accomplish many things over the duration of your courtroom fight.

    • Selecting a favorable jury: This portion of a case is like a carefully drawn out chess match. Each side wants to seat a jury that is advantageous to their cause. With our jury consulting in Los Angeles CA, we will identify what type of jury will act most reasonable to, and understand, your arguments.
    • Directing themes and messages to that jury: Once the jury is seated, your legal team still has plenty to do in order to ensure success. Our Los Angeles jury consulting shows you how to craft your messages and themes to your jury in a way that resonates with that specific demographic of individuals. 

    Los Angeles jury consultants backed by psychological evidence

    At Courtroom Sciences, our jury consultants in Los Angeles CA do not operate on a hunch. All of our knowledge stems from both experience and detailed research. Our qualitative psychological analysis allows us to get a read on juries more effectively than any of our competitors in the industry.

    It has been an effort for over two decades to pin down exactly how certain people react to certain information, arguments and scenarios. Our fact gathering is not complete yet, either. We are constantly analyzing data to continually bolster the effectiveness of our Los Angeles jury consulting service. Trust in the service that has put in the work and mastered an aspect of litigation that was seemingly impossible to master.

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