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    A long list of clients — from Fortune 500 companies, to attorneys and their practices — rely on Courtroom Sciences for our superior Los Angeles litigation consulting. Staffed with knowledgeable and experienced legal professionals with decades of combined experience, Courtroom Sciences can be a boon for your legal team.

    For 25 years, we have offered litigation consulting in Los Angeles CA that has allowed legal teams to prepare for success.

    We have a team of Los Angeles litigation consultants who can handle any of a number of tasks, each of which offer something in the way of bolstering your case and likelihood for successful litigation. They include:

    • Mock trials: Finally, your team gets a practice run in order to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in your case. Our mock trials are elaborate, effective and unlike any other legal tool out there.
    • Focus group: Putting your strategy to the test of a focus group is another effective form of Los Angeles litigation consulting. Getting outside thoughts and opinions from professionals can help fine-tune your strategy.
    • Jury consulting: A Los Angeles trial consultant from our team will help provide strategical intelligence on how to seat a favorable jury and then effectively communicate with it.
    • Witness training: Many clients also rely on our litigation consulting in Los Angeles CA to both evaluate and train their witnesses as to increase their credibility and help them recall and communicate information with accuracy and clarity.

    Courtroom Sciences is equipped with the network, tools and infrastructure needed to provide quality litigation consulting and support for essentially any scenario. We use the latest technology to overcome the barriers that accompany litigation involving professionals spread out around the country or even worldwide. Truly effective Los Angeles litigation consulting is available — get started with our team right now.

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