Memphis Medical Record Retrieval Memphis TN Nationwide Document Retrieval

    Navigating your Memphis medical record retrieval process alone can be tricky at best and a nightmare at worst.

    Medical record retrieval in Memphis TN requires more legwork than most other records — the retrieval process must be HIPPA compliant. Courtroom Sciences, Inc., specializes in all aspects of record retrieval, including medical record retrieval. We will walk you through the process quickly and efficiently.

    Subpoena preparation

    When you have other areas of your case to worry about, preparing a subpoena is just one more stressor to add to your pile. Courtroom Sciences will gladly prepare your subpoena for any record retrieval in Memphis TN, or around the world.

    Authorization record services

    We couldn’t make your Memphis medical record retrieval process any easier. We will prepare your records by stipulation or authorization. Once completed, we send you the stipulation that simply needs counsel signatures.

    Once signed, the stipulation is sent back to us, and we will serve the authorization, along with a declaration of custodian of records to the necessary facilities. Our turnaround time is fast, and often the facilities receive the necessary documentation within a single business day.

    Giving you access

    No matter where you are, or where your records are coming from, we are able to serve you quickly and efficiently with the help of our Memphis nationwide document retrieval system. It is HIPPA compliant, and, as soon as your records are ready, you will be able to:

    • View your records online
    • Print them from your computer
    • Save them to your computer
    • Order a hard copy sent to you or opposing counsel as necessary

    The lesson here is that you don’t have to do it all alone. Your main focus should be serving your client to the best of your ability. Spreading yourself thin creating subpoenas for medical record retrieval in Memphis TN is a waste of your most valuable resource: time. To learn more about our secure Memphis medical record retrieval process, give our team a call.

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