Memphis Trial Witness Preparation Training In Memphis TN

    It should not come as a surprise to any experienced lawyer that a savvy Memphis trial witness preparation service can be the key to winning any case. Courtroom Sciences, Inc., specializes in all areas of courtroom services, particularly Memphis trial witness training. We can help you prepare for your case extensively so that you enter the courtroom with confidence.

    Preventing catastrophe

    Nearly every attorney at some point in his or her career has encountered witness catastrophe. Even if you have personally performed some trial witness training in Memphis TN, you may still have issues when your witness actually takes the stand or sits in front of the camera for a deposition.

    This can happen to even the most experienced of attorneys, and though the reasons vary, it often involves a disconnect in communication between the attorney and the witness.

    What to do?

    Some issues tied to Memphis trial witness preparation require simple fixes in the attorney’s teaching style. Others may require the use of an outside trial preparation expert. Problems and fixes include:

    • Witness misunderstanding their role: Unless the witness’ role is clearly stated to them, they may likely take on more than is require of them. Many witnesses believe their role is to “win” the case or persuade jury members. It must be clearly communicated by the attorney that only the simple truth is expected.
    • Fear of public speaking: One area of witness preparation in Memphis TN that is often neglected is the witness’ fear of public speaking. An outside team, such as CSI, can help with this more complex issue.
    • Misinterpreting questions: Most people naturally like to consider our answer to a question prior to the question even being asked. This causes misinterpretation, which can kill a witness’ credibility. Our experts in Memphis trial witness training can help your witness work through this issue.

    Help when it matters

    Our experts in Memphis trial witness preparation are here to help in any way that we can. We understand the complexity of the litigation process and will help you ensure a successful outcome.

    Positive Outcomes are No Accident

    Involve CSI Today.

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