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    Professional Miami court reporting services should not be underrated in terms of importance to a case. Having accurate transcripts of depositions and witness statements is crucial, and Courtroom Sciences specializes in providing quality court reporting services in Miami FL you need.

    The importance of being prepared

    There are no “do-overs” when it comes to the legal process — either you are prepared or you are not. Presenting an opposing witness with transcripts of previous statements can be extremely important to your case, and our Miami court reporting services are also widely known for helping strengthen your case based on your own witness statements.

    If you can’t easily access your transcripts, however, you may soon develop a problem. Missing out on bringing witness statements to court, or presenting them to the opposition, can put your case in serious jeopardy. Courtroom Services allows for simple online access to all your transcripts and records in one convenient place.

    Experience on your side

    Lack of experience can make other Miami court reporting services a true frustration. Disorganization, lack of skill and lack of technology are all areas in which other Miami FL courtroom reporters fall short.

    More than just stenography

    Today, court reporting services in Miami FL mean more than just an individual typing furiously on a stenograph. We are able to record your witness depositions, arbitration, mediation, and more. We can provide you with written transcripts of these depositions and the resulting image is clear and professional. Benefits of this service include:

    • Clear-cut evidence: A witness can less easily deny a claim he or she made if it is recorded on video as well as on a transcript.
    • Convincing material: A jury will more easily connect with a witness in a video deposition than on a transcript.

    Find out how our Miami court reporting services can benefit your company or clients. Give us a call today.

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