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    Exceptional Miami litigation support is just a phone call away. Courtroom Sciences is your one-stop-shop for everything you need in terms of litigation support in Miami FL. From graphics and animations, to case management and beyond, CSI has you covered.

    Our valuable services

    Just a small sampling of our services includes:

    • Graphic design: Cases such as car accidents, medical malpractice and patent infringement are often complex. The majority of jurors will understand much more if given a graphic representation of your case to view during deliberations. Your Courtroom Sciences Miami FL litigation consultant can quickly and skillfully create beautiful graphics that clearly explain evidence to a jury or judge.
    • Witness training: The average witness has never even been in a courtroom. Placing them in front of judge, jury, and most importantly, opposing counsel, without any preparation is asking for trouble. As part of your Miami litigation support team, we can prepare your witnesses for trial through real-life scenarios. We understand the psychology behind witness testimony and are here to make it work to your advantage.
    • Jury consulting: Your evidence is buttoned up and your witnesses are ready, but your final wild card is the jury. As experienced Miami litigation consultants with a background in litigation psychology, we can help you determine patterns of behavior and thinking in order to best pick your jury and effectively present to them once chosen.
    • Case management: Large cases, particularly those involving corporations, often have a great number of witnesses and evidence. Scheduling can be a nightmare, and just keeping everything straight can be nearly impossible. As part of your professional litigation support in Miami FL, we can manage such cases for you with complete confidence, leaving you free to worry about more important matters.

    By hiring our professional Miami litigation support, you aren’t admitting that you can’t do it alone. What you’re saying is that, with help, your case is only stronger. Contact our office today to learn more about how we can help you.

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