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    As a leading provider of Miami trial preparation services, Courtroom Sciences wants to work with your legal team and offer you the best chances at a positive outcome in your upcoming trial or litigation.

    Most legal professionals are too busy to handle all the small, minute details that go into strong performance in, and leading up to, the courtroom. Our trial preparation services in Miami FL tends to these details, while also interjecting the wisdom and experience that is associated with our staff.

    The end result is a robust legal team that takes all the right steps to ensure a positive outcome.

    Working with our Miami trial consultants

    We specialize in everything from audio-visual solutions for depositions and arbitrations to case management services. We are truly the one-stop resource for everything your team needs. Some of the more common and essential Miami trial preparation services include:

    • Focus groups: Being able to read your jury, crafting messages and framing arguments specific to their demographic, is of the utmost importance. Our jury consultants will coach you in how to get the pulse of your jury and how to sway them based on scientifically based research.
    • Witness training: Witnesses can be another wild card when you are in the courtroom. Often, witnesses can be anxious, emotional or scared, thus, muddying up their message and recollection. We prepare your witnesses to handle the pressure and provide honest, clear testimony.
    • Mock trials: Our trial preparation services in Miami FL will simulate real live courtroom experience, which lends you a crystal clear look at how effective your strategy truly is. This is valuable experience that will teach you a lot.

    Our wide range of clients include everyone from Fortune 500 companies to insurance companies and law firms. They have all reaped the benefits of our Miami trial preparation services, and you can, too. Contact our team to talk about our options.

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