New York City Court Reporters In New York City Real Time Depositions Reporter

    Did you know that the strength of your deposition largely depends on the skill of the New York City court reporters assigned to your case? At Courtroom Sciences, Inc., we understand the importance of using skilled court reporters in New York City civil depositions.

    That is why we retain a large staff of qualified courtroom reporters who are skilled in the most advanced technologies, including the live streaming of transcripts and video. When accuracy and quick, on-demand access are your top priorities, trust a New York City Realtime deposition reporter from Courtroom Sciences, Inc. to get the job done right.

    Why Realtime reporting can help your deposition

    Realtime streaming offers significant advantages in the courtroom. Realtime court reporting allows team members to broadcast text, video and audio in real time to members of the litigation team, all while the information is being recorded by New York City court reporters. This technology allows litigants to:

    • Fluster their opponents through a stronger team presence
    • Get real-time, instantaneous feedback from any member of your legal team
    • Refine the deposition approach as the process evolves
    • Lower your travel costs
    • And, enable everyone on a legal team to observe and evaluate a witness

    With the use of our court reporters in New York City and other Courtroom Sciences team members, you can implement this top-notch Internet technology, allowing your legal team to gain the upper hand during depositions.

    New York City Realtime depositions provide the advantage of quick access online for text, video and audio recordings, allowing the legal team to analyze data at their own convenience.

    Such access to deposition information can be critical to the success of your case. When you need only the most accurate information on the fly, enlist the services of CSI’s New York City court reporters. Enjoy the advantage we afford each of our clients.

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