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CSI Publishes Litigation Psychology Article "Debunking and Redefining the Plaintiff Reptile Theory"

Bill Kanasky, Jr., Ph.D.
Vice President of Litigation Psychology

The well-known “Reptile Revolution” spearheaded by attorney Don Keenan, Esq. and jury consultant Dr. David Ball is now a ubiquitous threat to defendants across the nation. It is advertised as the most powerful guide available for plaintiff attorneys seeking to attain favorable verdicts and high damage awards in the age of tort reform. Reptile books, DVD’s, and seminars instruct plaintiff attorneys on how to implement these strategies during the entire litigation timeline, from discovery to closing argument. Few authors have attempted to directly challenge the Reptile theory’s validity or provide alternative explanations to why these reptile tactics often work. This paper aims to accomplish both goals, as well as provide scientifically-based solutions for defense attorneys to use at all points of the litigation timeline.

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