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Outsmarting the Trucking Reptile at Trial


The DRI Trucking Law Committee is presenting an advanced workshop for trial lawyers, senior claims examiners and industry professionals dedicated entirely to the defense of the Reptile Theory in trucking cases. The one-day program will engage participants in best practices and practical techniques for conquering reptile cases. The seminar will address what to consider in your answer, discovery, depositions, pre-trial motions, voir dire, witness examinations and closing arguments at trial.

The program will be led by the foremost trucking defense trial lawyers and world-renowned Reptile Expert Bill Kanasky, Jr., Ph.D., of Courtroom Sciences, Inc. This advanced workshop is limited to no more than 200 attendees to ensure an intimate forum for innovative and interactive discussions between experienced practitioners and seasoned trucking professionals that fight the reptile on a daily basis.

Don’t miss out on the most advanced, comprehensive seminar geared to defeating the plaintiff’s reptile theory from the truck accident scene to closing arguments.

Register here for an unprecedented one-day advanced workshop for trial lawyers and senior claims examiners.

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