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CSI Included in A.M Best Expert Services Providers


Courtroom Sciences, Inc. (“CSI”) is pleased to announce their inclusion in “Best’s Directory of Recommended Expert Services Providers” program, a comprehensive online resource for locating legal counsel, adjusters and other expert service providers with experience serving the insurance and claims industry. Best’s Directory of Recommended Expert Services Providers is open to organizations specializing in professional disciplines matching the specific needs of the insurance industry, based on client recommendations and other requirements. A.M. Best has been the insurance industry’s leading and most respected source of financial, statistical and related information since 1899.

CSI will continue regular insurance industry knowledge-based and empirically researched contributions through podcasts and webinars featuring roundtable discussions with other insurance industry experts.  CSI will also contribute through BestConnect e-newsletter, a biweekly publication with 3,000 industry subscribers among other ongoing contributions and collaboration with our many friends and clients in the insurance and related industries.

Commenting on this new information sharing tool, CSI President and CEO Brent L. Dobbs said, “CSI’s corporate mission has been to assist our clients in reducing litigation costs and exposure and improving outcomes since our founding in 1989. The insurance industry has been a natural focus of that mission and an important part of our practice over the last 30 years. With inclusion in Best’s Recommended Expert Services Providers program, we are excited to continue to share our knowledge, experience and expertise and provide value to A.M. Best members in our core service offerings in the areas of litigation support, litigation psychology and jury consulting, and deposition and records services to an even broader audience.”

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CSI Included in A.M Best Expert Services Providers - CSI Included in A.M Best Expert Services Providers