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    Lawyers, paralegals and other professionals must constantly tap into sources of information and knowledge in order to stay on top of their game, which is also a reason that so many count on Courtroom Sciences, Inc. for San Francisco litigation consulting.

    Our staff is yet another source of credible information you can leverage in order to find success in your civil litigation. With decades of combined experience and knowledge to our name, we provide litigation consulting in San Francisco CA that provides insights on a number of crucial areas.

    • Jury consulting: Few things are more important than seating the right jury. After all, these are the men and women who most often decide your fate. A San Francisco litigation consultant from our team can teach you ways to seat the right jury and also how to tailor a message that resonates with jurors.
    • Witness evaluation and training: Your witnesses can be a wild card in your case. Through our San Francisco litigation consulting services, we will evaluate your witnesses and help train them in the art of clearly and effectively communicating with the court and jury.
    • Mock trials: A truly unique aspect of our litigation consulting in San Francisco CA, our elaborate and effective mock trials will help you evaluate your strategy and make any needed changes to your approach.
    • Focus groups: Similar to our mock trials, our San Francisco trial consultant will help you bounce themes and arguments off of outside people in order to get unfiltered, useful feedback.

    With the knowledge, experience and, most importantly, success we have had in this industry, we feel like we can bring a lot to your legal team. Turning to Courtroom Science for San Francisco litigation consulting means you are working with the best.

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