Focus Groups

Cases are won and optimum settlements are obtained by “out-preparing” the other side. Pretrial research in the form of focus groups and other exploratory jury simulations and mock trials are essential in obtaining accurate evaluations of financial exposure and to ascertain how the litigants, evidence, themes and witnesses are likely to be viewed at the jury level. This pre-trial research, conducted early in litigation or before filing a lawsuit, equips you with the ability to approach settlement negotiations scientifically, maximizing strategic positioning.

CSI employs rigorous, field-tested research designs that allows research to be conducted within a variety of cost constraints. All matters are different and CSI tailors its research to your needs and budget. Data and analysis derived from pre-trial research also provides tactical benefits. Settlement attempts are often undertaken without an empirical basis for knowing what a jury would actually do with the case whether it ever goes to trial or not. At CSI, we are committed to the principle that empirical data, on actual case exposure, is outcome determinative.

Focus Groups

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