Online Jury Research

JuryVoice® online mock trial service utilizes the power and efficiencies of the internet by presenting the facts and arguments of a legal matter to eligible jurors of the jurisdiction where a case is filed via an online presentation that mock jurors can view from their computer.

This approach complements CSI’s traditional mock trial services by providing affordable jury research in: legal matters with small budgets, large matters where preliminary jury research is an invaluable guide for future discovery, and as expedited jury research when there is not enough time to conduct a traditional mock trial or focus group.

JuryVoice® was developed by CSI litigation consultants (with over 140 years of combined litigation consulting experience) to produce suggestive and qualitative psychological analysis that can be used to evaluate your current position in your case. Results allow you to examine the strengths and weaknesses of your case and learn what is likely to resonate with a jury in order to better prepare for settlement or trial; and thus, increase the chance of success.

“The general perception throughout the legal industry is that mock trials are very expensive to conduct and therefore can only be cost-justified in large matters where sizable sums of money are at stake, or very close to trial after settlement has been attempted," said Brent Dobbs, President of Courtroom Sciences, Inc. “JuryVoice® provides mock trials at a lower cost than a traditional mock trial. No matter how small your budget is, JuryVoice® provides a cost-justifiable mechanism to ensure that nothing is left to chance. With JuryVoice® online mock trials, our standard jury simulations, and our traditional mock trials, CSI has a pre-trial research offering to support any legal matter, regardless of size or budget.”

JuryVoice® uses an Internet web portal that electronically stores all the components prepared for a case and provides secure access to all members of the litigation team. Once a case is submitted, JuryVoice® presents the case to recruited individuals that live in the jurisdiction of the case, or a surrogate venue of your choice, and that meet specific demographic requirements. Each online juror responds via his or her own personal computer. JuryVoice® collects the responses and does the rest! For additional information on the JuryVoice® service, please visit

Online Jury Research

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