Presentation Technology

CSI presentation technology consultants are experienced in utilizing technology for all types of litigation. Our staff will work with your team throughout the litigation process to collect and prepare case materials to be presentation-ready.  A dedicated Project Manager will manage all technical aspects of your case presentation, from coordinating all document and video needs to handling all courtroom logistics, while allowing your team to focus on trial preparation.

All document and video production is completed by our team of CSI Litigation Technology consultants to ensure consistent and high quality production. We then help collect, prepare, and present any form of demonstrative evidence and can easily annotate, highlight, redact and magnify multiple exhibits simultaneously using commonly used presentation technology systems.

During trial, CSI Litigation Technology Consultants operates all of the electronic presentation systems, working hand-in-hand with the presenting attorney so he or she can direct juror attention to the details of the case. A CSI Presentation Technology Consultant also coordinates with litigation team personnel operating in the war room, providing a real-time presentation feed and the ability to provide information back to the courtroom if needed.

Presentation Technology

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