It's Reptile Week!

The week of April 22 is 'Reptile Week'!

It’s Reptile Week at CSI! The week of April 22, CSI is presenting two different presentations on Reptile Theory. 


On Wednesday, April 24, DRI presents a webinar featuring Dr. Bill Kanasky, Jr., Vice President of Litigation Psychology for CSI, Dr. Melissa Loberg, Litigation Consultant for CSI and Paul Motz, trial lawyer speaking on the topic of:  The Reverse Reptile: Turning the Table on Plaintiff’s Counsel. Registration for this webinar is accessible to DRI members and non-members. 


Since 2009, Don Keenan and David Ball, the Reptile founders, claim to have generated $7.7 Billion in settlements and verdicts. While that figure is staggering, it is very important to know that several well-prepared defendants have crushed the Reptile attack in several areas of litigation. These defendants and their attorneys have adopted their own “anti-Reptile” tactics that have been highly effective in discovery and trial. On the 10-year anniversary of the plaintiff’s Reptile Revolution, with no end in sight and their membership bursting at the seams, it is vital for the defense bar understand the past and plan for the next 10 years of Reptile maneuvers. Key individuals and entities have empirically studied the evolving Reptile methodology and have tracked and defeated newer Reptile tactics. Disseminating this information, as well as newest “anti-Reptile” tactics across the defense bar is essential to future success. The newest of these tactics is called the “Reverse Reptile,” in which defense counsel can turn the tables on the plaintiff, experts, or other parties in a case. Click here to learn more and register!


On Friday, April 26, Dr. Steve M. Wood, Litigation Consultant for CSI is presenting on the topic “Demystifying Reptile Theory: Understanding Neuro-Psychological Approaches to Witnesses” at the CSI corporate headquarters in Irving, TX. Hosted by the Dallas Area Paralegal Association (DAPA), Dr. Wood’s presentation will address the question of how even after in-depth preparation a witness can abandon everything the attorney has reviewed with the witness about how they should respond to questioning. This program will review “cognitive manipulators” and “emotional stressors” commonly utilized with witnesses, and how techniques based upon applied research can be used to resist such manipulation.  Contact Jerry Fly at or 469.309.1463 to learn more.