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Lessons for corporations involved in litigation

Earn CLE and gain insights

The value of science in litigation consulting

Selecting the "right" corporate representative

Bill Kanasky, Jr., Ph.D.
January 2020 — 233 views Litigation psychology Planning Reptile Scientific method Trial consulting Witness training

The elephant in the war room

George R. Speckart, Ph.D. - Litigation Psychology
January 2020 — 337 views Jury consulting Litigation psychology Scientific method Trial consulting

Understanding the litigation consulting industry

A reptile attack can be lethal to your case

CSI - Courtroom Sciences Inc
November 2019 — 913 views Anti-reptile Litigation psychology Reptile Scientific method Witness training

Understanding the different types of litigation research

Making Friends With Science

George R. Speckart, Ph.D. - Litigation Psychology
January 2019 — 1084 views Scientific method

A Tale of Two Mock Trials: The Importance of Realistic Simulation

CSI - Courtroom Sciences Inc
December 2018 — 992 views Confirmatory research Litigation psychology Mock trials Research Scientific method Trial consulting