Crisis Management & Social Media

Don't let your crisis become a Social Media catastrophe

This guide addresses mindsets, tactics and provides real-life examples of “How to Manage a Social Media Crisis,” arming leadership and stakeholder teams with:

  • Key principles to mitigating the damage of a “social media mob culture”

  • An analysis of reputation repair strategies 

  • Preparation checklist for crisis stages
Enterprise executives and legal teams need to be prepared for the unexpected and avoid the legal and financial pitfalls they could face when a crisis hits.  Social Media culture allows anyone to seize a non-issue and transform it into a sensational story that “sells.” The speed at which a narrative, founded or unfounded, can take root among a “social media mob” can have a devastating legal, political and financial outcome for corporations. There aren’t many do-overs when it comes to crisis response, and trying to repair an initial poor response often takes things from bad to worse. Corporations with a plan in place are best positioned to protect their employees and assets from crushing outcomes.

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