The graphics, exhibits and animations produced by Courtroom Sciences, Inc. are superior to any other company I have worked with. Their work ethic, expertise, timeliness and professionalism are exhibited at every stage of the litigation.

Heidi Barcus, London & Amburn, P.C.

[You] impressed us with [your] experience in race discrimination cases, grasp of the issues in our case, as well as [your] decidedly substantive, low key manner in comparison to the aggressive “sales” like approach…

Karl Racine, Managing Partner, Venable LLP

Your ability to identify a witness' main fears and concerns about his/her deposition and to get them to really open up about what worries them the most about their case is rather astounding. …  The preparation you did with them on the most difficult areas of anticipated deposition inquiry paid handsome dividends, as my witnesses got through calmly, professionally, and virtually unscathed.

J. Thaddeus Eckenrode, Eckenrode Maupin

For identifying the positives and negatives of your case, uncompromising reliability and absolute devotion to your best interests, CSI is in a class by itself.

Jack O’Neill, Partner, Pierce & O'Neill, LLP

It was clear during the course of the trial that our client had the superior support team in terms of our technical and graphic presentation. We never had even the smallest glitch during an arduous two week trial and the repeated problems experienced by our opponents in this same regard only underscored how truly fortunate we were to have selected the CSI team!

James W. Walker, Walker Sewell, LLP

It is rare to find a company that provides strategy and science with uncompromising integrity. CSI is unparalleled in their field.

LoriAnn Lowery, President, Lloyd’s America, Inc.

CSI is extremely reliable, responsive and professional. I don’t hesitate to turn to them for services anywhere and anytime.

David Starr, Vice President, Chief Counsel, Chief Compliance Officer, Dean Foods Company

We can choose from many consultants, but CSI provides top notch service, the highest quality staff and unequaled insight into jury research and trial support.

Tom Hill, Senior Executive Counsel - Environmental Litigation and Legal Policy, General Electric Company

As you know, the case we are currently working on will be won or lost solely on the credibility of the witnesses - i.e., which side or which story will the jury believe. Your attention to detail, witness demeanor, body language of a witness and the witnesses’ cadence of speech is unsurpassed.

Patricia J. Barker, Barker Castro, LLC

I have worked in the past with several consultants who all claim to have to the “magic bullet” to make my witnesses perfect, my voir dire the most revealing and my exhibits the most persuasive. None have contributed to my client’s success as much as you and your team.

Brian D. Malkmus, Malkmus Law Firm LLC

Based on our research into educational background, litigation experience and overall expertise of the CSI members, the others could not match the qualifications of the CSI team...

William H. Morgan, Adventist Health System

In just one short conversation, you completely grasped the concept of what we needed on theboard. You quickly turned it around and gave us a product that we could be proud to presentin court. Our clients pay us for results, and that’s only possible with vendors like you on ourteam.

David Manjarres, Manjarres Law LLC

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