Since 1989, CSI has been a national leader in comprehensive litigation support services.


Our court reporters and videographers stand ready for your deposition. We coordinate all of your deposition needs quickly and efficiently as we understand the challenges of complex high-stakes litigation...

Litigation Psychology

In the courtroom, preparation is everything and perception is reality. At CSI, our Litigation Consultants help tailor your case to meet the needs of the jury so that you can maximize the odds of...

Presentation Technology

CSI presentation technology consultants are experienced in utilizing technology for all types of litigation. Our staff will work with your team throughout the litigation process to collect ...

Records Retrieval

CSI is the leading records retrieval company nationwide. Maintaining great client relationships is our daily goal. We pride ourselves in staying on top of the new regulations, including the latest HIPAA ...

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The “Reverse Reptile:" Turning the Tables on Plaintiff's Counsel - Sleep eludes the defense lawyer with an impending trial and a key witness who has fallen victim to the Reptile safety ru...


Jury Selection in Intellectual Property Cases
It is necessary to implement and adjust ongoing research efforts through juror profiling and supplemental jury questionaires in order to have a maximally effective jury selection strategy.


CSI Included in A.M Best Expert Services Providers - CSI Included in A.M Best Expert Services Providers

The mission of Courtroom Sciences, Inc. (“CSI”) is to be your “Leading Single Source Solution for all of the Non-Legal Aspects of the Litigation Process.”  Through our family of companies, CSI provides litigation support services to outside counsel and corporate legal departments. CSI offers a comprehensive suite of services which assists legal counsels in managing the lifecycle of litigation.

Court Reporting

CSI is a leading provider of court reporting and videography services for the legal community. Our services include court reporting, legal videography, records and document retrieval, and document management. 

Records Retrieval

As the leading records retrieval company, we provide records retrieval services to insurance claims and in-house legal departments across the nation. Our case managers stand ready to provide easy access to your records orders through our HIPAA compliant online repository, CSINet.

Litigation Psychology

Our team of social psychologists and legal experts conduct jury research, train witnesses, and assist litigation attorneys with a variety of trial and arbitration services. CSI ensures that clients have powerful case strategies reinforced with clear themes and theories that align with the attitudes and beliefs of jurors or the ultimate trier-of-fact.

Presentation Technology

CSI’s litigation technology assists in collecting, preparing, and presenting any form of demonstrative evidence, and can easily annotate, highlight, redact and magnify exhibits in advance or “on-the-fly.” Our team of experienced, full-time project managers and litigation technology consultants work with trial teams throughout the litigation process to be presentation-ready.

Witness Training

CSI’s systematic process for training witnesses has proven effective at turning around even the most difficult witnesses. During witness training sessions, we partner with counsel to provide as realistic a simulation as possible, and then provide insight, feedback, and guidance to the witness at the moment they are most ready to learn.