Since 1989, CSI has been a national leader in comprehensive litigation support services.


The challenges of complex high-stakes civil litigation are difficult to coordinate. With 25 years of litigation experience, CSI is uniquely qualified to handle any deposition matter, in any location...

Litigation Psychology

In the courtroom, preparation is everything and perception is reality. At CSI, our Litigation Consultants help tailor your case to meet the needs of the jury so that you can maximize the odds of...

Presentation Technology

CSI presentation technology consultants are experienced in utilizing technology for all types of litigation. Our staff will work with your team throughout the litigation process to collect ...

Records Retrieval

CSI is the leading records retrieval company nationwide. Maintaining great client relationships is our daily goal. We pride ourselves in staying on top of the new regulations, including the latest HIPAA ...

Reptile Revolt

Preparing for Reptilian Attacks Through Witness Training
Reptile plaintiffs defeat defendants at deposition and trial by trapping the defendant witness into agreeing to one or more safety rules.

Recent Articles

Alternative Exploratory Research Designs in Litigation - The intent of the present discussion is to consider alternative formats for Exploratory Research, which might loosely be...

From the Blog

Understanding Juror Decision Making in Product Liability Cases
Why are jurors willing to award seemingly exorbitant damage awards in product liability cases?  More importantly, what can be done about it?

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