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    Through extensive Atlanta mock trials, Courtroom Sciences aids legal professionals by providing an unprecedented level of litigation preparation. There are no second chances in the courtroom, and you only get one shot to really drive home the key arguments and themes needed to win over a judge or jury.

    We specialize in mock trials in Atlanta GA that incorporate thoughts and opinions of eligible jurors in the jurisdiction where your case is being tried. Through lifelike courtroom scenarios, you are able to test the validity of your:

    • Witnesses: Courtroom Sciences does offer witness evaluations and training, but putting them in action of one of our Atlanta mock jury trials can shed bright light on their effectiveness.
    • Arguments and themes: Atlanta mock trials will test your ability to tailor arguments and themes to the jury. This requires some thinking on your feet, a skill that can be exercised through an Atlanta GA mock jury trial.
    • Communication: It can often be toughest to evaluate oneself. Through mock trials in Atlanta GA, you can gain the important feedback you need regarding your personal communication style and how it impacts a jury.
    • Evidence: Similar to all of this, mock trials are a suitable arena to test out evidence and how it factors into your overall case.


    Offering you and your team 25 years of experience

    Courtroom Sciences offers mock trials that no other litigation consulting firm can rival. The extensive nature of these trials factors in every variable you will run into during courtroom proceedings.

    We encourage you to talk with one of our professionals to see how Atlanta mock trials can benefit your legal team. Having Courtroom Sciences on your side will mean the difference in your case.

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