Chicago Jury Consulting Consultants In Chicago IL

    Did you know that you can improve your chances of winning a civil case with the help of a Chicago jury consulting expert?

    That’s right, our Courtroom Sciences, Inc., Chicago jury consultants have the knowledge and experience to help you identify the arguments that work best for the jury who is helping to decide your case. Courtroom preparation really can make the difference between a successful civil proceeding and one that does not go your way — and CSI’s litigation consultants can help you bridge that gap.


    What is a jury consultant?

    Courtroom Sciences’ Chicago jury consulting professionals help our clients predict the behavior of a jury based on the nature of your case and the topic at hand. Our Chicago jury consultants can help you prepare your legal team for the win by providing them with information about a variety of topics. CSI’s jury consultants have expertise in:

    • Employment law
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Patent matters
    • Product liability
    • Gas and oil
    • Insurance
    • And many more topics

    With our qualified team of experts in psychology, statistical analysis, social sciences and modeling, we use proven scientific methods to help you optimize your methods to suit your Chicago jury. Jury consulting in Chicago IL should be considered a necessary service to push your team into the “winning” category.

    Why should I choose CSI’s jury consultants in Chicago IL?

    Our highly trained staff has more than 140 years of experience in consulting legal teams throughout the Chicago area. We have a long history of successfully coaching attorneys and clients through their legal proceeding, helping them get the results they want by targeting jurors’ concerns and questions.

    Instead of leaving your courtroom matter to chance, count on the experts at CSI to provide you with the information you need to put your case over the top. Our Chicago jury consulting team is waiting to answer your questions.

    Positive Outcomes are No Accident

    Involve CSI Today.

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