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    If you have ever had a witness throw a curveball in the courtroom, you understand how crucial Dallas mock trials can be.

    Courtroom Sciences, Inc., specializes in constructing realistic mock trials in Dallas TX to help you weed out any unforeseen witness, evidence, or presentation issues. We’ll help you get the feedback you need to strengthen your case and walk into the courtroom with confidence.


    Eliminating surprises

    Surprises are certainly not something you want in the courtroom. A few ways that our Dallas mock jury trials help to eliminate surprises include:

    • Finding your weaknesses: Perhaps you have an excellent demeanor when questioning witnesses but your opening statement rambled and seemed to miss your point. Having a chance to work through these issues in a less stressful environment can help ensure that the case you present in the real courtroom is an effective one.
    • Identifying witness weaknesses: Many witnesses have never stepped foot in a courtroom. Having them take the stand in front of actual jurors and answer questions from unfamiliar and hostile opposing counsel can show you how your witnesses respond to pressure. It will also give them confidence for the real thing. Additionally, the jury feedback you receive from our Dallas mock trials can help you get an idea of how your real jury will respond to each witness and steps to take to bolster their credibility.
    • Uncovering holes in your case: When you work for months on a case, you can become so absorbed that you might miss holes that may be obvious to an outside observer. A realistic Dallas TX mock jury trial can help bring these holes to light through juror feedback so that you are prepared to address the holes when the real trial starts.

    Let us help

    We have many resources across the nation. We’re well equipped to, not only schedule your mock trials in Dallas TX, but also handle many aspects of litigation support. To learn more about our Dallas mock trials, or any other service, contact us.

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