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    The value of quality and reliable Fort Lauderdale trial preparation services cannot be overstated. Courtroom Sciences has a long history of providing exceptional trial preparation services in Fort Lauderdale FL. We understand the psychology and methodology behind trial preparation and can help you walk into the courtroom with complete confidence.

    What we do

    As professional Fort Lauderdale trial consultants, it is our job to assist you as you prepare for court. We can complete this task in a variety of ways, and can be hired to handle all, or just a few, of each of the following services:

    • Jury consulting: One of the unknowns in any trial is the jury. Of course, you are able to weed out any jurors that may be biased, but finding the best juror for your case can still be a challenge if you are unfamiliar with litigation psychology. We will use knowledge of the area and statistical behavior patterns to help you determine the jurors that will most likely provide you with a positive outcome.
    • Witness preparation: If your witness becomes defensive or freezes on the stand, even the most “solid” cases could end in disaster. Part of what makes our Fort Lauderdale trial preparation services stand out from the rest is that we offer extensive, real-life scenario witness training. The realistic natural of our preparation and mock trials allow for any unexpected issues to surface before your witnesses ever take the stand.
    • Case management: Complex cases can quickly overwhelm a small litigation team. Scheduling witness depositions and general court preparation tasks can easily become too much to handle. Part of our trial preparation services in Fort Lauderdale FL includes the option to have our team manage your case, freeing your staff to focus on more important matters.

    We know that bringing in an outside team to help with your case can seem like you are giving up control. On the contrary, by hiring us to perform some, or all, of your Fort Lauderdale trial preparation services, you are taking control of the unknowns and strengthening your case. Call today for further details.

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