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    One of the most valuable methods of court preparation is well-constructed Los Angeles mock trials. However, when it comes to this delicate form of practice, there is certainly a right way to conduct mock trials in Los Angeles CA and a wrong way.

    Ultimately, Courtroom Sciences, Inc., understands how crucial this can be and utilizes some of the most innovative practices to prepare you and your legal team.


    A few keys to success:

    • Genuine jurors: The men and women participating in your Los Angeles CA mock jury trial should be total strangers that offer unbiased and genuine feedback. By hiring Courtroom Sciences, you get to present your case to potential jurors in your jurisdiction.
    • Opposing counsel: By simulating an unfamiliar opposing counsel in your Los Angeles mock trials, your witnesses will get a better sense for what it will feel like to actually be on the stand. Additionally, this gives you the opportunity to see holes in both your case and your witnesses prior to stepping in the courtroom.
    • Realistic setting: We believe that holding Los Angeles mock jury trials in settings that are unrealistic, such as a conference room in your law firm, will not help you achieve realistic results. We work to hold each of our mock trials in Los Angeles CA in a setting as close to the courtroom as possible.

    There is no room for errors or surprises when you step into the courtroom. Finding out areas of weakness can be one of the most surefire ways to prevent surprises from popping up on the day of your court proceedings. To learn more about our Los Angeles mock trials, contact one of our representatives.

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