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    One not-so-secret trick to trial success is the use of Courtroom Sciences’ exclusive Memphis mock trials. By previewing your case in a realistic scenario, everyone involved in your case will get a sense of what works and what does not. Find out exactly who benefits from our mock trials in Memphis TN by reading below.

    Who benefits?

    You may not think about who exactly benefits from the use of our Memphis mock jury trials, so we have detailed a list of all who do. They include:

    • Witnesses: Many attorneys underestimate their witness’ anxiety level about going to trial or recording a deposition. Sitting in a room with an attorney they know and asking questions they are prepared for is far different from being questioned by a less-than-friendly stranger. Our Memphis mock trials can help take away some of the fear of the unknown so that your witnesses provide successful testimony for your case.
    • Client: Whether you are representing an individual or a company, a successful and realistic Memphis TN mock jury trial can give your client a good sense of where the case is headed. It can quell anxieties that may manifest in the courtroom as “shifty” or otherwise negatively in front of the jury. By perfecting their case in front of a mock jury, your client will feel confident when headed to court.
    • You: Obviously, successful mock trials in Memphis TN are meant to benefit you as the attorney. These trials can point out holes in your case, flaws in your delivery and evidence that is confusing or doesn’t read well to the jury.

    Why bother?

    If these reasons are not enough, it is important to note that cases are won and lost based on preparation alone. Often, the counsel that is most prepared walks away successful. To learn about the many ways in which our professionally crafted Memphis mock trials can benefit your case, give our team a call today.

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