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    Setting up realistic Miami mock trials can be extremely valuable to your court preparation. Courtroom Sciences is an organization with over 25 years of experience assisting litigators in preparing for court or other forms of litigation.

    We not only facilitate your mock trials in Miami FL, but we can do so much more for your legal team.

    Benefits of a mock trial

    A well-constructed Miami FL mock jury trial will consist of strangers to you, your client and your witnesses. This will provide for the most accurate representation possible of how your case will play out in court should you have to go to trial. This will help you decide which pieces of your case must be reworked.

    • Your client: If your client has chosen to testify (particularly in the case of the defense) Miami mock trials can help him or her determine if this is a good strategy. Bringing in counsel to cross-examine him or her can provide a realistic scenario that may influence the decision to testify at all.
    • Witnesses: You can train your witnesses for hours, but until they really feel the pressure of being surrounded by unfamiliar faces, the reality will not sink in and their true reactions under pressure will not show. Once your witnesses are confronted with this stress, you can more easily work to eliminate any negative outcomes.
    • You: Using our Miami mock jury trials to “test-run” your case is incredibly worthwhile. You may not realize that a certain habit makes you seem untrustworthy or that your evidence is unclear to a layperson until an unbiased individual tells you so.

    Never underestimate the power of preparation. Having done many mock trials in Miami FL, we can assure you that many trials are won simply by out-preparing the opposition. To learn more about our realistic Miami mock trials, contact our office. We are standing by to consult with you.

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