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    You may not realize the difference that a qualified New York City jury consulting professional can make in your civil case. At Courtroom Sciences Inc., we know that having the right people on the jury for your civil litigation trial can make the difference between a favorable decision and one that has you wringing your hands.

    Furthermore, understanding how those people might be responding to your legal arguments can give you a distinct advantage in the courtroom. Our New York City jury consultants are experts at helping identify jurors’ preferences using a variety of human behavior strategies.


    What your consultant can do for you

    New York City jury consulting is a vital process for helping shape juror perceptions that could lead to a more favorable outcome for you and your company. Imagine knowing what a juror was thinking — without that person even realizing it. Although we cannot actually transcribe someone else’s thought, our New York City jury consultants can come very close.

    • Jury consulting in New York City can help civil litigation clients learn more about the perceptions and biases of the jury, all through human behavior analysis. Consultants will watch juror behavior and scrutinize their language to help attorneys choose the best legal strategies for winning over that jury.
    • Furthermore, our jury consultants in New York City can help develop the most effective and targeted courtroom presentations, including those featuring multimedia and graphic design.

    Gain the edge in your civil litigation case through the use of our invaluable New York City jury consultants. You will be glad you went the extra mile.

    Our New York City jury consulting professionals are trained to be experts in human behavior, decision-making and individual motivation. Our team boasts some of the best interpersonal communication skills, research capabilities and data analysis expertise out of anyone in the business.

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