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    The value of New York City mock trials in improving your showing in a civil courtroom cannot be underestimated. With Courtroom Sciences, Inc., on your side, you can obtain critical data from mock trials in New York City that either allow for a settlement or help you overcome weaknesses in your civil case.

    Mock trials, a critical component of pre-trial research, provide a unique perspective into the minds of jurors, allowing you to tailor your case to those individuals who could make or break your civil case.

    Why are mock trials helpful?

    Attorneys in New York City mock trials present arguments that are likely to be used in an actual courtroom presentation. Mock jurors hear full presentations from both the plaintiff and the defense before they start to deliberate.

    Courtroom Sciences, Inc., offers the most reliable mock trials New York City has to offer, selecting representative samples of local residents to help you understand the flaws in your case.

    New York City mock jury trials facilitated by Courtroom Sciences can help your attorneys identify the themes of the case that are most effective in framing the situation to your advantage. Real-time response information from “jurors” — along with periodic evaluations throughout the trial — can help our analysts identify turning points in the testimony that most sway the jurors.

    Earning a legal leg up

    You may not believe that all of this information can be obtained through a single New York City mock jury trial, but the results might surprise you! Our experienced staff at Courtroom Sciences can put together focus group and mock trial scenarios that improve your likelihood of a positive outcome at the end of your civil case.

    No matter the nature of your civil court proceeding, you may be able to benefit from experiencing one of our New York City mock trials. Join forces with our savvy team and earn a true advantage in the courtroom.

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