New York City Trial Witness Preparation Training In New York City

    You should not even think about setting foot in a courtroom until your witnesses have been trained using our New York City trial witness preparation. At Courtroom Sciences, Inc., we know the value of an accurate deposition.

    We also know that witnesses and others involved in the civil proceeding are often nervous and frightened during their depositions, which can lead to misleading answers and incorrect statements. That is why you — and all other civil litigants — can benefit from our New York City trial witness training.

    What goes into witness training?

    At Courtroom Sciences, Inc., we use three phases of New York City trial witness preparation.

    • First, we evaluate the witness for aspects of his or her behavior that could undermine credibility. Nervous witnesses may make unintentional errors, or, they could simply come across as untrustworthy. Our New York City trial witness training helps your witnesses maintain their credibility by refining their communication styles.
    • All of CSI’s witness preparation in New York City is performed by top-notch litigation consultants, along with attorneys who may be helping with the case. After evaluation, witnesses’ weaknesses are addressed through a special system for trial witness training in New York City. Training helps improve your witness’ confidence, along with the content and delivery of the message they intend to communicate.
    • Finally, Courtroom Sciences goes the extra mile to make sure your witness is fully prepared by conducting witness effectiveness testing with potential jurors. Witnesses are measured in a situation that resembles a trial, allowing them to experience simulated emotional stress that comes along with time in an actual courtroom.

    This thorough system of New York City trial witness preparation ensures that your witnesses are ready to take the stand and communicate a clear message when you need them the most.

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