San Francisco Jury Consultants

The key to jury selection is to know your audience. And knowing your audience requires a deeper understanding than simple demographics. At CSI, our science-based approach leads to more perceptive jury selection.



San Francisco Jury Consulting Services

CSI is the leading jury consultant in the San Francisco Bay area, having provided jury selection (and deselection) services for over 30 years. No other jury consulting company has the breadth and depth of our experience and expertise. CSI’s team of neuro-psychologists work with you to develop a juror profile based upon ongoing trial research plus our decades of prior experience with similar cases. This profile guides the development of juror questionnaires, voir dire and opening statements.

CSI provides San Francisco Bay area jury consulting on cases ranging from medical malpractice to intellectual property (IP)/patent to product liability to personal injury to construction defects and more. Contact one of our consultants today to learn how we can support your San Francisco, Oakland or Bay Area area case.